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A Guide To Choosing Care

Choosing a care home for a family member or loved one has a number of aspects that need careful consideration. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the differences between the care types in order to find the care best suited to your individual needs. 

What Is Residential Care?

At Field House, our 24-hour Residential Care services are best suited for those in need of additional support with everyday tasks, those that have become dependant on a family member or carer, or for those finding things too difficult at home.

Residential care at Field House includes personal care, high quality and comfortable accommodation, 3 tasty and nutritionally balanced meals per day with a constant supply of snacks, fresh fruit and drinks, and a variety of stimulating daily activities. We support our residents in every way we can and encourage them to make new friends and explore new interests.

What Is Dementia Care? 

At Field House, we offer Specialist Dementia care services for those with changing and challenging needs.

Residents with Dementia often require 24-hour specialist care and support and are cared for by our highly trained staff in our dedicated Dementia unit. 

Surroundings are very important for those suffering from Dementia, so we have created a safe and calm environment with a number of easily accessible communal areas which provide residents with opportunities for stimulation and engagement or to simply rest.

What Is Nursing Care?

A resident in need of Nursing Care will have been assessed as needing medical support and assistance from qualified nursing  professionals (RGN’s) 

Whilst Field House is not a nursing home, we have a very close professional relationship with the local GP’s Advanced Nurse Practitioner and her colleagues in the local District / Community Nursing team.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite Care or Short Stay Care is a great option for those who require care on a temporary or short term basis.

Many people use Respite Care when their usual care arrangements are unavailable (for example when a family carer is on holiday) or to help them decide if Residential Care at Field House meets their needs and wishes. 

Each of our Respite Care residents experiences the same levels of first-class care, comfortable high-quality accommodation and nutritious home-cooked food as our permanent residents. 

What Is Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is a specialist form of care for those with a life-limiting illness.

It is a type of care provided to residents that focuses on the relief of worsening symptoms, pain management and reducing stress, both physically and mentally

We see Field House as a resident’s home for life and will do everything in our power to ensure that a resident never has to leave us. To support this, we work with GPs, the ANP, Community / District Nurses and other medical specialists to provide comfortable and caring palliative care.

Do I Need Residential Care Or Nursing Care?

Over half of care homes in the UK are Residential and by definition meet the needs of all the residents. This does not mean that nursing support is absent – far from it. 

At Field House Care Home we can provide Residential Care for residents that have complex medical issues. Nursing interventions such as administering medicines by injection and changing dressings are managed by Community / District nurses who visit the home typically more than once a day.

A Home for Life

At Field House, we provide a home for life for each and every resident in our care.

We do everything we can to ensure that our residents shouldn’t need to find an alternative care home should their care needs become greater.  

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