COVID-19: Understanding Care Home COVID Rules and Guidelines

At Field House, we take COVID-19 infection control and prevention incredibly seriously. Our dedicated team of expert carers works tirelessly to minimise any potential infection, ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents and their loved ones.


Is now the right time for a care home? Care home COVID Rules to consider

During these challenging times, worries about the well-being of your loved ones in a care home are completely understandable.


Let us put your mind at ease. Here’s how we prioritise safety and ease your concerns

We take immense pride in upholding the highest standard of hygiene for our residents and staff. With the emergence of COVID-19, we have elevated these standards even further, adhering strictly to care home guidelines for COVID-19.

To bolster infection control and prevention across our homes, we have several measures in place:

  • Our care homes strictly follow the prescribed COVID-19 infection control policies and procedures (IFCPP), endorsed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission).
  • Our staff is extensively trained in these infection control policies, with our management team diligently ensuring that standards are met through daily competency checks, which include monitoring proper usage and disposal of PPE.
  • We meticulously adhere to the Government-issued care home COVID rules for visiting and testing across all our homes.
  • We audit digital records daily at our head office, ensuring that everyone who requires a test has been tested, we have received their results, and the results are negative.
  • Every day in our homes, management ensures that everyone (staff and visitors) is wearing and using their PPE properly and that all infection control processes are being followed.
  • All data related to our infection control policy is systematically collected and audited in our Digital Care Management System.

If you or a loved one require care, we hope that our robust care home COVID rules and procedures offer you peace of mind when considering a move to one of our residential care homes.

We welcome any questions you might have about our infection control measures, our care home guidelines for COVID-19 prevention, and how we respond in case of infection. Please ring us on 01562 540005 or email

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