Wellbeing and activities

At Field House, our staff work closely with our activities coordinator to manage and improve our resident’s health and wellbeing. We are passionate about keeping our residents active, happy and healthy, and work hard to ensure that their lives are as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Our person-centred approach allows us to build relationships with our residents and learn more about their hobbies and interests. Together we incorporate these interests into everyday activities so our residents can continue to enjoy the things that they love. We also offer a wide range of specialist Dementia activities for those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s who are under our specialist Dementia care here at Field House.

We offer a wide variety of activities here at Field House suitable for all abilities. Some popular favourites include gardening, arts and crafts, baking, dancing and bingo. 

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Our residents are regularly visited by entertainers, volunteers, the local community and beauty therapists, offering manicures, hairdressing, animal therapy and musical workshops.

For our residents that enjoy day trips, we are fortunate enough to have a variety of easily accessible attractions nearby. We were recently invited to West Midlands Safari Park to visit the animals and enjoyed lunch in the cafe.

Throughout the year we try to arrange a number of events such as firework shows, birthday parties, anniversaries, and open days in which we welcome family and friends to join us. 


Resident Activities

Activities and games are not just led by our full-time activities coordinators – we engage residents by asking them (and families and friends) about their likes, hobbies and interests. Wherever possible we will involve them in day to day activities in the home, for example, folding laundry, simple food preparation etc. Whether it is gardening, animals, cooking or arts and crafts, we try and find something for everyone to do and to put smiles on faces.

Reliving memories

Part and parcel of creating a comfortable home for our residents, is supporting residents to share with us their memories of their past. This helps them connect with our staff and other residents, and also allows them to express their personalities. Divulging little anecdotes and stories also enables residents to feel more relaxed, as though Field House is a home from home.

We have created games, such as ‘What is in the box?’ which entails a suitcase full of memorabilia, designed to trigger memory and stimulate residents’ thought processes. Numerous studies show that memory retention is aided by such methods, helping residents remain much more self-reliant.

Our stimulating activities and games are not just led by staff – we engage residents by asking them about their likes, hobbies and interests, so that we can involve them with tasks for the whole house, and residents’ relatives and friends who visit us.

Personalised Care Plans and Healthcare

Each of our residents are treated as individuals and all care plans are very different. We are sympathetic and sensitive to different requirements and needs, and tailor the care to suit each person. 

Writing a very detailed and personalised care plan requires much input from the resident and from family and friends. We review all of our residents’ care plans at least monthly and more frequently if a resident’s needs change. The profiles we create for each resident are a holistic view of the individual, allowing for rounded, personal care.

Field House Private Care Home also receives regular visits from the local General Practitioner (GP), as many residents are unable to leave the premises to attend medical appointments. We monitor the health and wellbeing of each resident very carefully and will call the doctor whenever necessary. Additionally, if in consultation with the GP we believe that a resident could benefit from the input of another health service professional e.g. a dietician, occupational therapist, optician etc we will seek an immediate referral. District nurses support the GP and visit Field House at least once a day.

Whilst we encourage independence among our residents, we also ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene at all times. We allow residents to do as much as they are physically able, but we are there to support and aid them when tasks become difficult.

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