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Dementia Care Homes in Stourbridge - Field House

If you are in need of specialist Dementia Care Homes in Stourbridge, then Field House is an excellent choice. We provide high-quality specialist Dementia care and dementia services in a comfortable and friendly environment. 

Specialist dementia care homes 

The Coach House and Cottage of the Field House estate are where we provide more specialised care that Dementia and Alzheimer’s require. At Field House Care Home, we understand the challenges of living with Dementia, both for the residents themselves and for their families and friends. 

The Cottage and Coach House has a warm, homely, and, as the name suggests, almost Cottage like feel, unlike many Dementia care homes that can sometimes be seen as sterile and unwelcoming. The Cottage and Coach House is a welcoming Dementia Care Home in Stourbridge where residents can relax in a calm and safe environment with interactive activity areas, designed to provide stimulation, relaxation, and comfort.

Alzheimer’s and dementia services

At Field House Dementia Care Home in Stourbridge, our expert care team includes Dementia care specialists that provide high-quality care and support for all types of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We also have two trainers who specialise in Advanced Dementia services.

You can rest assured that we will always be on hand to help ensure residents can still enjoy independence and lead happy healthy lives. Our staff within our dedicated Dementia care unit have specific training and admirable skills in specialist Dementia services to provide the highest quality care to residents with complex and changing needs.

Our team are dementia care specialists and very experienced in understanding why someone living with dementia may become upset, distressed or angry. Not only do they know exactly how to comfort people individually, but they will also put in place strategies and interventions to help reduce or prevent any such recurrence.

We are also developing a Dementia care village with our onsite friendly pub, coffee house, and garden room. We hope to extend this later to a corner shop and library.

We believe that high-quality private specialist Dementia care is not just about personal care, great food, safe medication, and professional healthcare. It is a holistic approach that supports residents to live as full and active a life as possible and as they wish to. We provide a wide range of activities suitable for each resident and encourage family and friends to be an active and everyday part of the Field House community.

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